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Mini Split Bib Kit Replacement Bib

Mini Split Bib Kit Replacement Bib

MSRP: $49.95

Mini Split Bib Kit Replacement Bib

High-quality replacement bib.

The Mini Split Bib kit replacement bib is made from high grade 4 mil plastic that has been sonically welded to provide strong seams and high-performance time after time.

  • For use with Mini Split Bib Kit.
  • Made from high grade 4 mil plastic.
  • Long life usage.



Mini Split Bib Kit replacement bib is a high quality 4 mil replacement for your original bib. It quickly and easily installs onto your existing mounts so you can get back to work quickly. Made of high-quality components, the Mini split bib Kit replacement bib can be used over and over again.


  • For use with Mini Split Bib Kit.
  • Collects water and coil cleaner while cleaning Mini Split air handlers.


  • High grade 4 mil plastic.
  • Sonic welding on seams.
  • Reusable.
  • 10-foot drain (perfect for those installations way up high)


“I can’t live without my bib kit, so having a couple of replacement bibs around makes perfect sense.” – Tim R., CT


The answer to this questions depends on multiple variables. If dried and stored properly between uses and for general use, utilizing a water and coil cleaner mix you should be able to get between 10-20 uses.
Installing the bib is easy. Simply run the existing stretch cord through the seams and position similarly to the existing bib. 
We recommend the use of cleaners that do not include acids or harsh caustic agents like our SpeedyFoam cleaner.

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.5" OD x various lengths


1 lbs