HVAC Coil Cleaning Tools.

SpeedClean’s award winning coil cleaning tools deliver the quick and efficient results you are looking for. Work Smarter.

CoilJet HVAC Coil Cleaning System

CoilJet® Coil Cleaner

Battery operated, rechargeable portable coil cleaning system. Great for evaporator coils and condenser coils.

CoilJet® CJ-200E Coil Cleaner

110V AC portable coil cleaning system with more and volume pressure to clean HVAC coils fast and effectively.

CoilShot Condenser Coil Cleaner system

CoilShot® Condenser Cleaning Tool

Tablet based condenser cleaning tool. No more messy and bulky coil cleaner.

Mini Split Bib Kit SpeedClean

Mini-Split Bib® Kit

The fastest and safest way to effectively clean ductless mini split coils, fans and more.

Ceiling Cassette Bib Kit | SpeedClean

Ceiling Cassette Bib® Kit

Creates a bib system that attaches quickly to protect floors and other areas from cleaning overspray.

Condenser Needle condenser coil cleaner tool

Condenser Needle®

Connect to a hose and thoroughly clean HVAC condenser coils in minutes.

FlowJet™ Coil Cleaner

Power cleans thick, dirty and nasty coils up to 6″ thick.


A concentrated, foaming, and non acid evaporator coil cleaner and condenser coil cleaner.

Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner

Quickly leaves surfaces clean and sanitized without chemicals and very little water residue remaining.