FlowJet™ Coil Cleaner System

FlowJet™ Coil Cleaner System

FlowJet™ Coil Cleaner System


High Flow Coil Cleaning With Chemical Injection
Make quick work of cleaning debris and grime from microchannel, thick condenser and evaporator coils. Powerful 400 PSI at 2.2 GPM washes even the dirtiest coils with a continuous spray of water and cleaning chemical— without damaging sensitive fins.

  • Optional 90° spray wand forces dirt and debris back in the direction it entered
  • 12′ hose with additional lengths available
  • Water hose connection for continuous cleaning
  • Cleans thick HVAC coils fast


You’ve got thick beds of coils to clean. The pressure washer is too bulky for cleaning in narrow spaces, releases too much pressure and the hose attachment just can’t get all the way through the coils. Well, this is the tool for you. The FlowJet™ from SpeedClean delivers the pressure you need and water flow rate to power through even the dirtiest, thickest coils. Plus, it’s portable and compact. Perfect for the truck or storing when not in use. It boasts a unique pump system that is almost impossible to replicate, offering 400 PSI of cleaning power at 2.2 GPM. It also has a variety of optional attachments to help clean hard-to-reach coils and coil beds.


  • Commercial evaporator units
  • Rooftop AC units
  • Thick refrigeration coils
  • Perfect for microchannel coils


  • Small, portable design makes it easy to clean HVAC coils in hard to reach areas such as rooftop evaporator coils, large refrigeration units and more.
  • Powerful 400 psi spray powers through coils – up to 6′ thick!
  • 2.2 gallon per minute flow rate provides heavy flow to blow dirt from coils
  • Optional SC-WWSS-HF spray wand with 90° nozzle lets you clean coils from the inside out, forcing dirt and debris back in the direction it entered. Perfect for microchannel coils.
The FlowJet weighs 35lbs dry. As always, caution should be used when lifting heavy objects.
You should only use the nozzles that came with the FlowJet as they are specified for use with the pump. In fact, make sure that a nozzle is always attached the FlowJet otherwise it will not perform properly.

Additional information

Product Package Includes

2 nozzles: Soaping nozzle for applying thick foaming coil cleaner and a 15 degree rinsing nozzle, FlowJet Coil Cleaner System with standard spray gun attachment, FlowJet User Manual


13"h x 30"w x 12"d

Motor Power (HP)

3/4 hp

Pump Style


Soap Siphon Dilution Ration



35 lbs. (dry)

Min. Input Flow

2.5 gpm

Output Pressure

400psi at 2.5 gal./minute

Input Power

115v, 12.5 AMP 60 hz


Product Sheet Product Manual