CoilShot® Condenser Coil Cleaning Tool

CoilShot® Condenser Coil Cleaning Tool

CoilShot® Condenser Coil Cleaning Tool

CoilShot® Condenser Cleaner Tool


Get the job done in one shot!
The CoilShot® condenser cleaner tool and tablet system make cleaning condenser coils faster and easier than ever before.  The unit connects directly to a garden hose and uses a single pre-measured tablet to apply foaming coil cleaner directly to coils. For added cleaning performance, use it with the optional 3ft wand. The innovative technology quickly cleans coils of dirt, grime, and even grease*! Eliminate the need for lugging around and measuring heavy, bulky liquid coil cleaners.

  • Quickly and easily clean single-pass condenser coils in minutes.
  • Replaces bulky liquid coil cleaners with small tablets.
  • Plant friendly and grease-fighting formulas available.
  • Saves on the hassle and waste of liquid coil cleaner.
  • 1-2 tablets per job are all you need.

* When used with CoilShot-HD tablets.

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The new CoilShot® condenser coil cleaner is redefining the coil cleaner market. This powerful coil cleaning tool uses a revolutionary tablet-based system that’s easier to carry, prevents wasted coil cleaner and eliminates guesswork – just one pack of tablets replace an entire case of coil cleaner! Tablets are lightweight, create a safer work environment and are compact in size – leaving more room for more important materials to fit in the truck.

The CoilShot® tool is designed to propel cleaner deep into coils for a better, more superior clean in just a fraction of the time.  It attaches to a standard garden hose and also features quick connect fittings for easy accessory attachments. For more flexibility and better cleaning, use with the optional 3 Ft. CoilShot® Cleaning Wand.

  • Residential and commercial single pass condenser coils
  • Single pass evaporator coils
  • Refrigeration coils
  • 1-2 tablets per cleaning
  • Plant-freindly and heavy-duty degreasing formulas available
  • Quick load tablet door
  • Multi-stage mixing valve
  • CoilShot wand storage on Top
  • Spray & foaming nozzle
  • Quick connect attachments
The CoilShot system uses a combination of water pressure and flow AND a chemical tablet to clean coils better and faster. The combination of water flow and pressure help to dislodge materials from deep within the coil without using an excessive amount of chemical, while the tablet provides the foaming performance to aid in cleaning coils. 
The standard formula CoilShot pre-measured coil cleaner tablet is designed to last for 15-20 minutes. The time is also impacted by the foaming level you choose. The more foam you choose, the less time the tablet will last.  
We recommend thoroughly wetting the coils prior to turning the foam on. The CoilShot allows you to put the power of pressurized water right on the coil without damaging it, so simply spraying the coil with water first will dislodge much of the dirt. After thoroughly wetting the coil, turn the dial to the desired level of foaming action. Note that the more foam you apply, the quicker the tablet will dissolve. For most cleaning needs we recommend turning the dial only halfway for moderate foaming. Apply the foam until the tablet is completely expended.
The answer to this question depends on the size of the coil and how dirty the coil is. In general, you can clean a 3-ton condenser with moderately dirty coils with one tablet. Dirtier condensers or larger units will require more than one tablet. 
The CoilShot is designed for cleaning smaller residential and light commercial condensers with single-pass coils. This is generally in the 3-ton range, however coils and condensers come in multiple configurations so cleaning results will vary depending on coils thickness, level of dirt and other factors.
Yes, both the CoilShot tool and tablets are patented. Tablet patent #9938490. Tool patent #D750,333 
The flow rate of the garden hose is unchanged through the gun.

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Product Package Includes

1 Coil Cleaner Tablet, 1 CoilShot Tool, 1 Spray/Foaming Nozzle


1 lb

Patent #

U.S. Patent D750,333; 9,533,331