BucketDescaler® Descaler System

BucketDescaler® Descaler System

BucketDescaler® Industrial Descaler System


Quick and easy tankless water heater maintenance

Flush limescale and other deposits from tankless/on-demand water heaters and heat exchangers in just minutes. The BucketDescaler is packed with powerful performance that flushes descaler around your unit quickly for optimal performance. It features a durable, acid-proof pump and fittings, extra-long hoses, and an optional re-circulation valve kit. Perfect for tankless and tanked water heaters, boilers, and other small heat exchangers. Can also be used with glycol for flushing and filling heating lines.

  • 6′ inlet and outlet hoses
  • Purge valve to reduce cleanup time
  • Water hose connection for continuous cleaning
  • Remove limescale, rust, and more from tankless water heaters, heat exchangers, and more in just minutes!


All water heaters and heat exchangers need a periodic descaling flush to maintain optimal performance. BucketDescaler® industrial descaler system makes descaling water heaters and heat exchangers fast and easy. Remove limescale buildup from heater elements and heat exchangers in minutes, not hours with BucketDescaler. Use with SpeedyBright™, our industrial descaler classified by UL to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, for superior results. Over 50% of the U.S. uses moderate to hard water, which contains high levels of calcium carbonate and other minerals. Without proper maintenance, a new tankless water heater or heat exchanger can lose over 50% of its efficiency in the first 6 months alone! That’s where BucketDescaler comes in. Descale a standard water heater, heat exchanger, or on-demand tankless water heater in about 30 minutes or less. Get step-by-step instructions on how to use a descaler for a tankless water heater. Simply attach the portable, acid-proof and self-contained industrial descaling unit to the in/out water connections and circulate with safe and environmentally friendly, SpeedyBright. This system will remove limescale from units in minutes. You’ll see the difference in no time. The Bucket Descaler quickly circulates our SpeedyBright cleaner, maintaining its powerful action through constant agitation. It eliminates scale, rust, lithium carbonate, calcium, and more on contact, returning any heater to near peak efficiency in minutes. And for bigger units, add our optional valve kit. This allows you to draw more clean water from an auxiliary bucket. Perfect for larger water heaters and heat exchangers. By combining industrial-strength technology with a compact, durable design, Bucket Descaler makes cleaning tankless water heaters, heat exchangers, and water boilers quick and easy.

  • Descales fouled heat exchanger tubes quickly
  • Descales Tankless Water Heaters (Gas/Electric/other)
  • Cleans Residential & Commercial Water Heaters (Gas/Electric/Other)
  • Descales Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Descale Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
  • Descales Condensing Boilers
  • For Commercial On-Demand Hot Water Heaters
  • For Light Commercial Heat Exchangers
  • For Plumbing Lines
  • For Radiant Flooring
  • Small, portable design makes it easy to remove limescale and descale hot water heaters and small heat exchangers in any environment.
  • Powerful 3.3 GPM acid-proof pump quickly circulates limescale removal cleaner for optimal performance
  • Acid proof fittings, hoses and pumps for years of use
  • The optional circulation (SC-DS-5-VLV-KIT) valve allows flow from an auxiliary bucket for larger applications. Extends usability.
  • Fits any standard 5 gallon bucket (included)


It really depends on two factors. The size of your tankless hot water system and the level of scaling on your heat exchangers. Generally, it should take about 30-45 minutes but more severe scaling can take up to 2 hours.
Using vinegar in your system will certainly work to descale it. However it will take hours upon hours. Using SpeedyBright, your results will be excellent and completed in about 15% of the time.
Short answer is no, but using SpeedyBright is smart in a few ways. One, it’s a phosphoric based descaler, not hydrochloric and therefore offers powerful performance but without the danger of corroding your sensitive heat exchangers. Secondly, SpeedyBright is classified by UL to NFS/ANSI Standard 60 for potable water systems. Others’ may not be. Oh, and one more thing. SpeedyBright is pre-measured for easy use. Dump it in and dump a gallon of water in and flush tankless heaters quickly.

Additional information

Product Package Includes

(2) 6 ft water in/out connection hoses, Bucket Descaler® (SC-DS-5) Industrial Descaling system, Bucket Descaler® User Manual, High Grade 5 Gallon Bucket


7 lbs. (dry)

Cord Length


Hose Length

(2) 6 ft.


4 Gallons


3.3 Max




120V, 50/60 Hz

Limited Warranty

1 year


Product Sheet
Product Manual
Quick Start Guide


U.S. Patent 9,381,549