HVAC Maintenance and Coil Cleaning Tools.

SpeedClean’s award winning preventative maintenance tools deliver the quick and efficient results you are looking for – so you can get the job done fast.

CoilShot Condenser Cleaner | SpeedClean

CoilShot® Condenser Cleaning Tool

Tablet based condenser cleaning tool. No more messy and bulky coil cleaner.

CoilJet HVAC Coil Cleaning System

CoilJet® Coil Cleaner

Battery operated, rechargeable portable coil cleaning system. Great for evaporator coils and condenser coils.

CoilJet® CJ-200E Coil Cleaner

110V AC portable coil cleaning system with more and volume pressure to clean HVAC coils fast and effectively.

Mini Split Bib Kit SpeedClean

Mini Split Bib® Kit

The fastest and safest way to effectively clean ductless mini split coils, fans and more.

Ceiling Cassette Bib Kit | SpeedClean

Ceiling Cassette Bib® Kit

Creates a bib system that attaches quickly to protect floors and other areas from cleaning overspray.

Condenser Needle condenser coil cleaner tool

Condenser Needle™

Connect to a hose and thoroughly clean HVAC condenser coils in minutes.

Descaler for heat exchangers and tankless water heater descaling


Easy flushing and quick scale removal for tankless water heaters and small heat exchangers.

FlowJet™ Coil Cleaner

Instantly cleans thick, dirty and nasty coils up to 8″ thick.

BucketVac Condensate Drain Line SpeedClean


Turn a 5-gallon bucket* into a powerful wet/dry vacuum. DISCONTINUED

Condensate Drain Tool

Easily attaches to virtually any wet/dry vacuum hose and clears drains fast.


Safe and effective descaler and limescale remover, approved for potable water use.


A concentrated, foaming, and non acid evaporator coil cleaner and condenser coil cleaner.

SpeedClean SC-TC-60 Tube cleaner

Tube Cleaner

A portable, powerful chiller and heat exchange tube cleaner. Perfect for tube and shell heat exchanger maintenance.