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BucketDescaler pH Testing Roll

BucketDescaler pH Testing Roll

BucketDescaler pH Testing Roll

You can't beat what you can't measure.

The BucketDescaler pH testing roll is a quick, handy way to identify the pH of new or spent liquids. It is an integral part of the descaling process as it can quickly identify if the descaling liquid is still active for further descaling, or can identify when it has reached appropriate pH for disposal.

  • Color coded for easy identification.
  • Small portable package
  • Carrying case protects from elements.



When you are in the middle or at the end of a descaling project, it’s vital to use some type of pH identification system to identify the acidity (or neutrality, or alkalinity) of whatever liquid you are using to descale or dispose of. The BucketDescaler pH testing roll has an easy color coded system that can tell you where on the pH scale your descaling solution is.


  • When you need to descale larger vessels.
  • Water heaters, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Draw more descaler and/or water into the system.


  • Acid proof hoses and fittings.
  • Quick installation.
  • Includes 4ft hose to connect to other water/descaler source.


“Having the expansion valve handy means I can say yes to larger jobs without worrying about it.” – Tim R. CT.


Nothing you wouldn’t have already. the BucketDescaler has the hole already molded into its top so that just needs to get punched out. Then using some chanel lock pliers, it can easily be added.
That’s really up to the vessel and heat exchangers you are descaling. If its a small water heater you may not need an expansion valve as you are only trying to cover heater elements. If its a shell and tube heat exchanger, you may need an addtional 10-15 gallons.
Aaah. The hundred dollar question. The BucketDescaler has a window on the top of it where you could add additional liquid. But it’s messy and could cause unsafe conditions with spilled descaler. Trust us, it’s a lot easier to add it through the expansion valve. your choice, but we would recommend the expansion valve for ease of use and safety. .


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