Tube Cleaner

Tube Cleaner

Portable Chiller and Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning


Portability, power and performance
Get innovative chiller tube cleaning technology at an affordable price. The brand new, lightweight SC-TC-60 is perfect for heat exchanger tube cleaning and thoroughly cleans chiller tubes and heat exchanger tubes using advanced features like reversible shaft rotation and integrated water flush to clean loosened debris. The high performance nylon covered shaft deep cleans smooth bore tubes, leaving them debris-free and with dramatically higher heat exchange efficiency.

  • Chiller and heat exchanger tube cleaning for tubes up to 1″ I.D.
  • York Chillers, Carrier Chillers, TRANE Chillers and more.
  • Perfect for shell and tube heat exchanger tube cleaning.
  • Sturdy, durable casing and compact easy transport design
  • Quick-connect shaft  system
  • Extra long power cord
  • Uses high-quality nylon covered shafts and nylon and grit brushes
  • Bi-directional foot switch for precision cleaning
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Introducing the newest tube cleaner system specifically designed for cleaning chiller tubes and heat exchanger tubes. The SpeedClean SC-TC-60 Tube Cleaner is completely redeisinged from the ground up for the ultimate on power and portability. Lightweight and portable, the SC-TC-60 heat exchanger tube cleaner offers advanced functionality, like reversible shaft rotation and integrated water flush to clean straight and rifled (enhanced) chiller tubes, all in an affordable tube cleaning system. It’s the perfect addition to your HVAC maintenance program. Plus the high performance nylon covered shaft allows deep cleaning of smooth bore chiller and heat exchanger tubes, leaving them debris free and with dramatically higher heat exchange efficiency. The integrated water flush feature flushes out debris loosened during cleaning, allowing maximum performance of the brush to clean. For portability, power and performance, the SpeedClean SC-TC-60 is the professional’s choice.

  • Residential and commercial chillers tubes like Carrier, York, TRANE and more.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, oil coolers and more.
  • Marine heat exchanger tubes
  • Heat exchanger tube cleaning
  • Portable, powerful and easy to use
  • Quick-connect shaft system
  • Reversible shaft rotation with integrated power water flush delivers optimal cleaning performance of straight and rifled tubes.
  • Foot switch activated
  • Compact design for easy transportation and storage. Includes padded carrying handle.


Best bet is to consult with your chiller or heat exchanger manufacturers’ manual for tube O.D. and gauge. Never use a tool larger than the I.D. of the tube. When in use, if great resistance is felt, use a smaller cleaning tool.
Yes, the SC-TC-60 can be used on all varieties of tubes and we have brushes for all types of tube deposits

Additional information

Product Package Includes

SC-TC-60 Chiller Tube Cleaner, User Manual


21.5" H x 16.5" W x 9" D


38 lbs. (dry)

Cord Length


Motor Power (HP)

1/2 HP

Shaft Speed

860 RPM

Input Power

9 AMP, 115v, 50/60hz AC


Product Manual Product Sheet