Even with falling fuel prices, people are still looking for ways to have a greener home. What started as a way to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources has turned into a lifestyle that reduces, re-uses, recycles, and saves money at the same time. People looking to have a greener home could take some advice from Grandma.

Grandma Was a Mean, Green, and Clean

Grandma kept things clean. She did it without the use of wipes, sanitizers, and a cabinet full of cleansers. For a greener home, keep it clean and keep it simple. You don’t need to go to the creek and beat your clothes on a rock (Grandma really did that as much as Grandpa walked uphill both directions to school), just turn to green and natural cleansers and then make sure you use them. Any spill, stain, or dirt is easier to clean the quicker you get to it.

Borax, baking soda, and vinegar were Grandma’s staple cleaners. Not only are these effective, they aren’t loaded with toxic chemicals. They will remove soil, stains, and disinfect and deodorize. Speaking of disinfecting, soap and water will kill germs. Use soap and water to wash your hands. Just take your time and wash thoroughly, like Grandma is going to be checking them!

Grandma Didn’t Waste

Grandma was probably a child of the Depression and learned to never use more than you need and never, ever waste anything.

Capture rainwater in a simple barrel or container to water your plants. Compost food scraps and coffee grounds and use in the garden. Never cool the entire house when you are only using a few rooms.

Grandma finds the concept of ducted air conditioning and heating amazing and wasteful. She would be amazed with the ease at which a single unit could provide comfortable air to every room in the house and then she would scold you for wasting the energy and money to cool and heat rooms you aren’t using. Don’t waste cool air, warm air, or energy.

Ductless Systems Loved by Grandma and Green Homes

People are taking a lesson from Grandma and turning to ductless cooling and heating systems. They are being installed as an addition to existing systems and in small applications, instead of ducted systems.

Ductless system an image from www.a1united.net

Ductless system an image from www.a1united.net

If you aren’t selling and servicing ductless systems you are losing out in a rapidly expanding market. Ductless systems (mini splits) are perfect for multi-level homes and homes with a split floor plan. Empty nesters are turning to ductless units to cool and heat the master bedroom. Mini splits are much easier to install than conventional split systems but do propose challenges for cleaning and service. That’s because the unit is installed directly in the room; and not a closet, attic, basement or garage. So, you have to be aware of your surroundings as you work.

The SpeedClean Mini Split Bib Kit is just one way we are helping you address the issue. This kit will allow you to properly clean the mini split system without worry about damage to the surrounding room and its contents. You breathe easier, your client’s system works more efficiently and everyone is happy. Even Grandma!