BucketVac in use in the basement

BucketVac in use in the basement

Want the chance to win one of our innovative, coolness inspiring BucketVac wet/dry vacuums? Have you even heard of our BucketVac? If not, here’s the pitch.

BucketVac is a industrial strength vacuum “head” that attaches to any standard 5 gallon bucket, converting it into a commercial grade wet/dry vacuums. Sounds interesting? It is. Basically the flexibility of the 5 gallon bucket means when it;s full, joust pop it onto a new one. If your changing from wet to dry, just pop on a new bucket. No messes to clean up. Plus it’s super light and built to

BucketVac BV-5 Wet/Dry Vacuum

last in tough work situations. need more info, check the blog products page or


So, want to win one? Simply “like” us on Facebook (click the link). We’ll choose from the millions of entries (no, not really millions I’m sure) and award one lucky person a BucketVac.  Don’t wait, do it now.

This contest ends Friday, October 29th at 12:00pm eastern.

Don’t have a Facebook account? Don’t worry. Post a comment below about how you would use the BucketVac and I’ll enter you to win.