A PTAC is a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner that supplies heated and cooled air to a single room or suite of rooms on an on-demand basis.  PTACs save on energy costs because they are localized and only heat or cool in-use areas. PTACs are widely used in hotel and motel rooms, dormitories, offices, nursing homes and apartments.

PTACs are self contained and are installed through the exterior wall of the building by means of a standard size wall sleeve.  They have both an evaporator coil and a condensing coil as well as a compressor – they’re basically a complete climate control system in a box.  Just like any other climate control system to ensure efficiency, PTACs require maintenance and cleaning including coil cleaning.

CoilJet Cleaning PTAC

CoilJet Cleaning PTAC

PTAC Maintenance

Every PTAC manufacturer recommends a complete cleaning at least once per year or more, if local conditions warrant.  In dusty or corrosive environments such as near construction sites or salt water, cleaning must be performed more often, up to four times a year.  In addition to cleaning PTAC’s filters, fans, fan shrouds, drain passages and base pan, the all important coils must be thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning a PTAC

Various methods have been used to clean the PTAC’s coils including the use of a soft bristle brush and vacuum or blower, a garden hose and pump spray bottle, pressure washers and steam cleaners.  Traditionally, the PTAC is removed from its wall sleeve and taken to a remote work area where cleaning is performed.  This cleaning process is time consuming and leaves the room unusable until the PTAC is reinstalled.  Additionally, extra care must be taken to protect electrical components from over spray when hoses, steam cleaners or pressure washers are used. The CoilJet solution from SpeedClean allows for cleaning while the unit remains in the wall, saving a large amount of time and expense. Additionally, using our new ultra foaming, non caustic SpeedyFoam coil cleaning concentrate makes it a safer job than ever before.

Advanced PTAC Cleaning Method

With the introduction of the CoilJet™ portable coil cleaning system, cleaning PTACs has never been easier.  With this unique device, the unit can be cleaned in place by simply removing part of the PTAC from its wall sleeve and spraying the coils.  The CoiJet™ carries its own water supply and cleaning solution and the water volume used won’t overwhelm condensate lines.