CoilShot®-HD Coil Cleaner Tablets

CoilShot®-HD Coil Cleaner Tablets

CoilShot®-HD Coil Cleaner Tablets

CoilShot®-HD Heavy-Duty Coil Cleaner

Kick your condenser cleaning into high gear with CoilShot. The new CoilShot-HD tablet formula is designed for use with the CoilShot system and offers heavy-duty cleaning, degreasing and brightening of commercial single-pass HVAC coils.

  • Eliminates the need for bulky liquid coil cleaners.
  • Degreases and brightens coils
  • For heavy-duty applications
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CoilShot®-HD condenser coil cleaner tablets are heavy-duty versions of our regular tablets and designed exclusively for use with our CoilShot condenser cleaning tool. These tablets are designed for heavy-duty uses and deliver excellent degreasing performance as well as leave coils bright and shiny. These pre-measured, single-use tablets eliminate the need for mixing heavy, and bulky chemicals on site, reducing issue related to spillage.  Please refer to the CoilShot-HD SDS for proper usages and safety instruction before using this product.


  • Commercial single-pass evaporator coils


  • Slim tablet for use with CoilShot tool.
  • Each tablet last approximately 5-15 minutes depending on foaming level chosen.
  • 6 tablets per box
  • Tablet patent #9938490
The length of dissolve time is directly related to the foaming level you choose on the CoiShot tool. At the full foaming option, the tablet will last between 5-7 minutes or more. At a minimal foaming level, the tablet will last 15 minutes or more.
No. CoilShot-HD coil cleaner tablets are not recommended for use on microchannel coils. Please refer to coil manufacturers recommended maintenance and refer to CoilShot-HD SDS prior to use.
No. The CoilShot-HD tablet includes ingredients that can cause the original formula CoilShot tablet to disintegrate very quickly. We recommend flushing the system for at least 3 minutes after use, or use a separate CoilShot tool system. Please refer to CoilShot-HD SDS prior to use.
Yes. The CoilShot-HD tablet includes ingredients that are caustic in nature, to help cut grease and brighten coils. Please refer to CoilShot-HD SDS prior to use for usage and safety information.
We recommend thoroughly wetting the coils prior to turning the foam on. The CoilShot allows you to put the power of pressurized water right on the coil without damaging it, so simply spraying the coil with water first will dislodge much of the dirt. After thoroughly wetting the coil, turn the dial to the desired level of foaming action. Note that the more foam you apply, the quicker the tablet will dissolve. For most cleaning needs we recommend turning the dial only halfway for moderate foaming. Apply the foam until the tablet is completely expended.
 Visit our Support section to download CoilShot-HD SDS

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Product Package Includes

6 Tablets


4.75″ x 6.75″ x 1.5″


.5 lbs


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