There is no denying that we are living in a tech age, one in which there are new ways to accomplish everyday tasks all the time. Calls from HVAC techs to their customers may soon be a thing of the past for many service providers.  As the younger generation starts to represent a bigger and bigger share of the market, both as customers and service providers, suggestions that texting may overthrow the old fashioned phone call is not as crazy as it once seemed. In fact, according to this Gallup poll “texting is the most frequent form of communication among Americans younger than 50.”

Even incorporating one-off texts into your routine may pay off. According to Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists Lead Tech, Joel Becker,“When I run the occasional service call, I often text the customer a personal message with a link to leave a review on one of our Google My Business pages. I found that I get better than a 50% success rate when I request reviews via a personal text message with a link”.

If you are ready to dive in, there are software services that can reinvent the way you schedule, dispatch and estimate and invoice. One of the perks of this technology is that it can allow for automated and transparent communication. For example, one service can automatically send a text to the customer when a job is scheduled with the details and once the job is complete with an option for online payment. Great communication, and quick pay! Another great feature for the company owner wondering where his techs are– the team can be seen on a map similar to Uber.  For busy techs and company owners automating this process, or cutting down on the hassle of constant phone calls can be really valuable.

If you are thinking about joining in on this growing trend, this the NEWS article focused on two service providers, Housecall Pro and Text Request, but we can guess there will be more to come.