It’s a blazing hot day and there’s a job to do.  Clean the rooftop condenser units at the local restaurant. Not that many units, but man is it a pain.

Hose, hose and more hose

This is a scenario I encounter almost daily when speaking to HVAC contractors. Most are resigned to getting the job done which means dragging 100 ft (or more) of hose into the truck, out of the truck, up a ladder to the condenser units and then do it all again in reverse when the job is done. I haven’t found much in the way of solutions for this. Most of the discussions I see are about how much of a pain it is to clean rooftop condenser units . Of course, I would be remiss not to remind readers of the CoilJet from SpeedClean. It’s a fully integrated, portable and rechargeable coil cleaning system that carries water and coil cleaning concentrate with it.

I did find this site. It’s a good resource and checklist for rooftop condenser unit maintenance.