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Every year, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) reviews each state’s ability to control, reduce and impact energy efficiency. States are then ranked from most to least efficient, as successful state initiatives are shared and recognized for others to learn from. While routine HVAC maintenance is one great way to conserve energy, some states are also implementing helpful programs and practices that work to increase efficiency even further. Wonder where your state ranks? Continue below to see the top 10 most energy efficient states of 2016.

10. Minnesota

A year of improvement with a 5-point increase has allowed Minnesota to jump up 12 places and rank as the 10th most energy efficient state. Utility savings, transportation, building energy codes, CHP and state government-led programs were all categories that have attributed to their victory.

9. Maryland

Scoring the highest for its CHP policies, Maryland comes in at 9th place as one of the most efficient U.S. states. This year, Maryland came in two positions behind last year’s ranking as the 7th most efficient state.

8. Washington

Washington comes in 8th place as most energy efficient state in the U.S. Along with Illinois and California – the most efficient U.S. state, Washington also achieved top scores for building energy codes and compliance this year.

7. Oregon

Oregon ranks in as the 7th most energy efficient state in the U.S. Like it’s competitors, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota, the state’s energy efficiency programs are successful and saving energy consumption.

6. Connecticut

Tied with New York as the 5th most energy efficient state, Connecticut’s dedicated commitment to greater energy efficiency has inspired the state to take on new and more rigorous three-year savings targets – along with Massachusetts and Maine.

5. New York

Tied with Connecticut as the 5th most energy efficient state, New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative – which informs consumers to make smart, environment-friendly choices, in addition to major updates to the state’s building energy codes, have contributed to their winning electricity savings this year.

4. Rhode Island

Since 2014, Rhode Island has received top-tier energy efficiency ratings that have kept them in the top 5. This year, they rank in as the 4th most energy efficient state.This state is the only one to earn a perfect score for utility and public benefits programs and policies. For the third year in a row, it has also been able to achieve energy savings close to 3% of retail sales.

3. Vermont

Ranking in as third most efficient state, Vermont returns to the top 5 this year. This state is also one of very few to adopt the new DOE-certified codes for residential and commercial new construction.

2. Massachusetts

For the sixth year in a row, Massachusetts ranks as the most energy efficient state in the country. How’d they do it? The state has increased electricity targets to 3% and they have adopted the latest International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards, as a part of the state’s building energy codes.

1. California

This year, California ranks in as the most energy efficient state. Tied with Massachusetts for the number one spot, the state’s top scores for building energy codes and compliance helped boost their score. A notable increase in electricity savings is said to be due to strong policies and effective energy efficiency programs, like Senate Bill 350: Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act and Assembly Bill 802 – a new bench-marking disclosure program that grants access to building data for better understanding of its energy consumption.

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