With another few weeks of winter coming our way (thanks Punxsutawney Phil), we figured we could all use some funny HVAC photos. Kick back and enjoy these gems.

1. For all the “do-it-yourselfers” out there.

Image from Twitter: TODD’S HVAC Services @TODDsHVACServcs

Some advice for your customers, better to leave the HVAC service to the pros. Some advice for the HVAC contractors out there, gear up with the right (aka SpeedClean) equipment. You will get market leading, innovative solutions for the HVAC and other professional tradesmen that save time, money and effort.

2. Does this count as a holiday decoration?

Image from Twitter: HVAC.com @hvac

Multi-task by decorating AND laying down the law at the same time with this clever piece of paper. But to avoid this situation entirely, check out our post on how to save money and energy in the new year.

3. And we thought bent coils were bad…

Image from Twitter: HVAC.com @hvac

At least we know how to the prevent THOSE; with a PSI that is just right, SpeedClean’s CoilJet® will help ensure coils are squeaky clean, but not bent or destroyed. As for the disaster in this picture, your guess is as good as ours.

4. Break time!

Image from Instagram: @hvachacks

A lot of HVAC business owners can probably identify with this one, between calls and juggling all of the back work that goes in to running your own company, it can seem like the work is never done! If you are running short on time for marketing and need some quick and easy tips for your business, we have your back. To start, check out 4 Tips to Market your HVAC Business on a Budget, or Successful Email Marketing Secrets Part 1 or Part 2.