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Not too long ago, we shared some of the best and most effective email marketing practices in the industry with Successful Email Marketing Secrets: Part 1. Today, we are revealing even more with several helpful tips and powerful insight to help you develop successful email marketing campaigns fast.

Simple Subscriptions

Want more subscribers? The easier you make it for others to subscribe to your email list, the more it will grow. An increasing number of small businesses are learning that when it comes to developing effective sign up strategies for email, placement is key. Here are the top locations on your site that Social Triggers reports as having the highest conversion rates.

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Eye-Catching Emails

In part 1, we discussed the F-shaped pattern, the most common user eye-pattern and why web audiences respond so well to this format. Now, it’s time we discuss components most likely be seen in winning email templates, that make the best impression on online readers. For maximum results, make sure you’re incorporating the following elements from Pardot, into email templates from your small business.

  • Use bullets or icons, so readers can scan easily scan through important points (F-shaped pattern layout).
  • Calls-to-action should stand out and should be emphasized by color, placement, size or borders.
  • Make sharing, commenting and communicating easier by incorporating a Contact Us section and social share buttons for simple distribution.
  • Add color, culture and personality, so that it’s memorable and stands out from the others.

Hearty Headlines

Clever headlines aren’t easy to come by. The recipe to create magical headlines requires placing the best and most effective words together. Given headlines are usually the first thing a reader sees, an irresistible combination of research and creativity will surely hook readers right in. Cook up catchy headlines to boost business email marketing efforts with these tips from HubSpot.

  • Use visual words. A HubSpot survey revealed that headlines featuring the word “photo” perform 37% better than headlines that didn’t use visual words like these (photo, video, infographic).
  • Keep headlines under 70 characters, so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results.
  • Incorporate keywords that make content more searchable to your target audience (ex. tankless water heater reviews, how to clean condenser coils, best mold control cleaner, are all great examples).

Drastic Measures

How are your open rates? What about your bounce rates? Measurements are great feedback for how your readers are responding to your emails. Want to know how to improve these numbers? Reach your goals and make every marketing initiative count with these tips from Marketo.

  • Apply the Rule of Seven – at least seven successful forms of engagement are required in order to convert a cold prospect into a buyer.
  • Remember, 50% of leads are not yet ready to buy.
  • Pay attention to the Return on Investment (ROI)/Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Go Beyond Reach

Don’t be the business who only reaches out to customers when they want something. According to a study from Unbounce, giveaways and contests can increase email subscriptions by 200%. It also helps establish better brand awareness and credibility. Don’t have any ideas? Here are other freebies you can offer customers/potential customers to keep them engaged.

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