It’s Not Too Late. Cool Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Busy HVAC Guy

It’s Not Too Late. Cool Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Busy HVAC Guy

Want to make sure that you give or get the perfect Father’s Day gift? Here are some gifts that are sure to be remembered.


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Busy cooling season cutting into your time on the course? Not to worry.


This practice putting set lets you “squeeze” in a little practice. It even comes with door hanger “Do not disturb game in progress”






Therapik Mosquito Bite Reliever

Being Outdoors Doesn’t Have to be a Pain


This nifty pocket-sized gadget relieves pain and itch from biting insects in seconds. Great for working or playing outdoors.





Dynatrap Insect and Mosquito Trap

Suck the Life out of BloodSuckers


This device draws bugs in and sucks them up faster than you can vacuum out a drain line. No annoying zapping or buzzing noise, just bug free paradise





The Bacon Crate


Bringing Home the Bacon


The Breadwinner deserves some bacon. This crate full of bacon flavored man treats comes with a crowbar for opening and no instructions!




Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set

Week-End Tool Kit


Week-ends are the time for Dad to trade his tools. How about an 18 piece stainless steel barbeque tool set that comes in a case that will remind him of his cordless drill case back at work.




GoPro Hero4

Every Dad’s A Hero (


With the GoPro Hero4 Dad can provide evidence of just how bad that last “hack job” was he had to repair. Sometimes words just can’t describe how bad it was.




Buffalo Tools Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

Help keep Dad Sharp


Dad can power through anything once he puts this bad boy to use. This electric chain saw sharpener grinds at 4200 RPM.






High Rollin’ Dad

Make sure Dad rolls up to his next job in style. This set of Fuel-Off Road rims for his Dodge 3500 will look good on and off-road.





Dainese Wave G Back Protector

Motorcycle Dad


He’s always had your back – now you can have his back too. Ergonomic back protector keeps him safe and comfortable while he rides.




Sports Dust Masks

ATV Dad Doesn’t Eat Anybody’s Dirt


He doesn’t breathe gunk on the job, why should he do it on the trail? This dust and dirt mask keeps Dad in style on the trails. Let others eat his dust!




Yard Dominoes

Size Does Matter


Some days you just have to unwind in a big way. Awesome over-sized yard dominoes are carefully hand-crafted. Because size does matter




Mini Quadcopter with FPV Camera

Every Dad wants a Drone


Every man wants a drone. Get a drone with a camera and leave the rest to his imagination.




Classic White Coffee Mug

New Dad


New Dad used to think slimy coils were disgusting, until he changed his first dirty diaper. This coffee cup is perfect for the new Dad in the family.




Man Cave League T-Shirt

Dad’s in a League of His Own


After a day in the field, Dad just wants to retire to his cave. This Official Man Cave League tee shirt is perfect for the occasion.





Superman Caped Logo Adult Blue Boxer Brief

Dad is a Man of Steel


Rapidly restoring cooling, decimating scale, Dad’s an HVAC Superman. Show him you know it with these Superman briefs complete with a little cape attached to the back.




Leatherman Tread

Dad’s style tool


Hitting the shelves this summer is the Leatherman Tread, a stainless steel bracelet that’s both stylish and versatile, just like Dad.

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