While the market is growing rapidly–according to Navigant Research, the revenue from ductless cooling systems annually will reach $9 billion by 2020– there are still homeowners who do not know the advantages of ductless systems. Brush up on the Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini-Split Systems so you can help educate your customers about this opportunity. You can help them save money, while you make money. To make it easy, we have narrowed it down to the three big benefits of ductless systems:

  1. Easier to install

  2. Less expensive

  3. More efficient

In addition to being easier to install than ducted (especially in homes that cannot accommodate duct work as they are), customers may experience cost savings after ductless installation. According to Navigant Research, losses of efficiency related to a ducts can be substantial, in some cases, up to 30%. Therefore, by going ductless, your customers might save big on their energy bills.

With more and more people choosing to go with ductless, ductless mini-split installation and cleaning is a great way to boost your revenue. Don’t miss out on this business simply because you have not provided the service in the past. With tools like the CoilJet® and Mini-Split Bib® Kit it has never been easier to provide a thorough mini-split cleaning in a fast and efficient way. Get in on this expanding business and start providing both installation AND cleaning services. Once your day is packed with mini-split cleanings don’t forget to brush up on our mini-split coil cleaning checklist.